New Brussels group looking for PCB

(I don’t speak German so please excuse me for using English)

We are building a group in Brussels to build sensors and collect data. This is done with the GRACQ an important cyclists association so our hope is to use these data when lobbying local governments, etc.

Our first step is to build a few prototypes so we can experiment and get some experience with the device.
To do so we are looking for a few PCB to get us started.

Is there any group here that could sold us some PCBs, or even full kits?

Thanks a lot!

Would be fine… whe had there the last long weekend some very narrow passes. In a general I would say (against Hamburg) it is a relaxed environment, but there are some reckless car-drivers. So BLX needs there some „hard“ data.
Olaf, still recovering from the cobblestones-passages with the Brompton.

@gdesmott I don’t have PCBs in any significant quantities, but I could walk you through ordering some - It’s become very cheap (and easy, in retrospect) with JLCPCB and the like. I know it can be overwhelming the first time. Sorry for replying so late.